Biometric Screenings

284 City Employees Participated in our

City Fit! Biometric Screenings
155 of the 284 Tested for a Second Year in a Row

US Wellness, our third party vendor who performed the biometric screenings has provided us with a summary report that we are sharing with you.

Biometrics Results

Our focus on wellness and disease prevention has truly paid off. Comparing our population's health risks identified during the screening process, we have made real strides in lowering our health risks. As a group, we have reduced our risk for heart disease by lowering our cholesterol levels. Last year, 63% of us had low/no risk cholesterol. This year, 78% have low/no risk cholesterol levels!

We still have some work to do in lowering our blood pressure and our body mass index, two indices that rose slightly since 2013. Together we can continue to make progress on leading healthier, happier lives. Thank you again to all that participated!

Your City Fit! Wellness Committee

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