Fore Street - Eastern Promenade Sewer Separation Project

Fore Street Closed to Local Traffic Only from Hancock to St. Lawrence Streets as Part of Storm Water Construction Project

PORTLAND, Maine -- Beginning on Monday, November 29, 2021, the City’s contractor, Gorham Sand and Gravel will be permitted to close Fore Street to local traffic only from Hancock Street to St. Lawrence Street for five weeks, during working hours, in order to allow the contractor to safely install new storm drains and sewer pipes in the narrowest section of the roadway.  


IMPORTANT INFO FOR MOTORISTS:  Once the road closure has been implemented, it will remain in place for approximately five weeks. Motorists are urged to use the specified detour route via India Street, Congress Street and Atlantic Street or to seek an alternate route to get around the work zone. Motorists will be able to access local businesses and residences between Hancock Street and Freedom Way during this period of time. No through access towards the Eastern Promenade will be allowed during working hours (7am-5pm) on a daily basis except for emergency vehicles. Fore Street in the Westbound direction towards the Old Port will remain closed and drivers should continue by-passing the work zone via St. Lawrence.

2021-11-23 Fore Street Closure Map

Project Updates:

Project Update 12/23/2021

The City's contractor continues to make good progress installing new combined sewer lines and storm drains in Fore Street. Project work is currently approaching the intersection with Waterville Street. Fore Street will remain closed to through traffic for the time being to allow project work to continue efficiently and safely. The City is asking motorists to continue to use an alternate route to get to Munjoy Hill. The contractor plans to work throughout the winter in order to expedite the completion of the project.

Storm Drain and Sewer work in January 2022 is primarily expected to occur between Waterville Street and Atlantic Street.

The City continues to appreciate the patience of the public, neighboring residents and businesses as crews work on this critical infrastructure project.

New RCP Combined Sewer with Existing Brick Sewer in Background
Dual Combined Sewer and Storm Drain Installation
Dual Combined Sewer and Storm Drain Installation 2
Frame Being Installed on New Combined Sewer Manhole
Project Update 11/12/2021
The contractor has now completed watermain and storm drain connections in Freedom Way and has begun storm drain and sewer installation in Fore Street towards Waterville Street.  The contractor will continue to install both sanitary sewer and storm drain up Fore Street towards Waterville Street for the next couple of months.  Fore Street will remain open to one-way traffic in the direction of the Eastern Promenade.  Local residents are advised to use alternate routes to access Munjoy Hill to avoid delays driving through the work zone.  
Installation of 8 foot DMH-1 Freedom Way
Installation of 45 Degree Bend-48 inch Storm Drain
Connection of 48 inch storm drain to DMH-1
Connection of Existing 60 inch Storm Drain to DMH-1

Project Update 10/14/21

Starting on 10/18/21 the Contractor will shut down the 100 Fore Street Facility entrance located on Freedom Way for 3 weeks. Tenants can access the facility by using the parking garage entrance on Fore Street located just before the intersection with Mountfort Street. Tenants can also access the Freedom Way parking garage entrances via Thames Street Extension.  

2021-10-14 100 Fore Street Access Plan

- The contractor has completed phase 1 of the project's watermain renewal work. The watermain has passed pressure and bacteria testing and has been brought online by the contractor.

- The phase 1 watermain work included the installation of 1,200 linear feet of 12" ductile iron watermain

- The contractor will begin storm drain work at Freedom Way on 10/18. Once the storm drain work begins it will last for several months moving up the hill.

Project Update for Week Ending 9/3/21

On August 16, 2021 the project contractor Gorham Sand and Gravel mobilized to the project site and converted Fore Street into a one-way street with traffic flow still allowed to move easterly towards the Eastern Promenade. Utility construction has begun with the installation of 12" ductile Iron watermain for the Portland Water District. As of 9/3/21, the contractor has installed approximately 430 linear feet of watermain between Mountfort Street and Waterville Street.

Project Outlook for Week Ending 9/10/21

The project traffic pattern will remain with one-way traffic flow allowed on the south side of Fore Street towards the Eastern Promenade. Westbound traffic shall continue to use the specified detour route or be asked to find another route around the work zone. The contractor will continue to install 12" watermain up the hill towards Waterville Street. Phase 1 watermain work from Mountfort to Waterville Street is scheduled to conclude on 9/24/21. 

Fore St SD 2021-09-01
Fore St SD 2021-09-03


PORTLAND, Maine -- Beginning the week of August 16, 2021, the City’s contractor, Gorham Sand and Gravel will begin construction on the Fore Street-Eastern Promenade Sewer Separation Project. In order to accomplish the project work, the Contractor will convert Fore Street traffic flow to one-way only flow between Mountfort Street and St. Lawrence Street. Fore Street and Eastern Promenade will remain open to eastbound traffic in the direction of the Eastern Promenade throughout the project.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR MOTORISTS: Once this traffic setup has been implemented it will remain in place for the first phase of the project which is scheduled to last from 8/16/21 to 1/1/22. Project work will typically take place Monday thru Friday between 7am and 7pm. The one-way traffic flow pattern will remain in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the project work is completed. Westbound traffic routing towards the Old Port and Downtown Portland will be directed to the specified detour route starting at St. Lawrence street or will be asked to seek an alternate route around the work zone. It is strongly recommended that motorists exiting the Eastern Promenade area use Congress Street or another route to avoid the construction zone.

IMPACTS TO PARKING: Please be aware that the contractor will be restricting street parking between Waterville Street and Mountfort Street as necessary to complete the construction work. The contractor is trying to leave as much street parking open as possible while still being able to complete the work. Please watch out for posted "emergency no-parking" signs which will be installed in areas of parking space closures. Parking closures will be periodic and shift as the work area moves up the hill.

IMPACTS TO PEDESTRIANS: The contractor is required to keep an accessible sidewalk route open through the work zone during construction.

SEEK ALTERNATE ROUTE, IF POSSIBLE, TO AVOID DELAYS: Motorists will encounter traffic delays when driving through the work zone and are urged to seek alternate routes into and around this area during the project.

Fore St SD 2021-08-05 One-Way Traffic Control Map-Overview
Fore St SD 2021-08-12 One-Way Traffic Control Map-Work Zone-Updated
Fore St Storm Drain Schedule

Start of Construction Notification:


Fore SD 2021-07-31 Start of Construction Neighborhood Notice_Page_1
Fore SD 2021-07-31 Start of Construction Neighborhood Notice_Page_2
Fore SD 2021-07-31 Start of Construction Neighborhood Notice_Page_3

This project has been successfully bid and awarded to Gorham Sand and Gravel at a contract price of $3,993,220.  

At this point in time it's anticipated that this project will commence in late August.  The project is required to be substantially completed by October of 2022.  

This project has been advertised for bidding.  Bids for this project are due on Thursday, May 20th at 3:00pm.  If the construction contract is awarded it is anticipated that this project will commence around July 5th, 2021.   

Unitil Natural Gas has been onsite since mid April relocating their gas main in preparation of the City's project.  

This project has received funding approval as part of the Water Resources Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  A target date of April 1, 2021 has been established to advertise the project for bidding.  If the project is successfully bid and awarded to the low bid contractor then it's anticipated the project will start around June 1, 2021.   

Fore St SD 2021-02-24 Facts Sheet
Fore Street 2020-01-21 Neighborhood Meeting Map
Project Name: Fore Street/Eastern Promenade Sewer Separation Project

Design Engineer: Woodard and Curran 

Owner: City of Portland Public Works Department

Contractor: Gorham Sand and Gravel

Inspection Firm: Sebago Technics

City of Portland Contract Value: $3,993,220.87

Schedule: August 2021 to October 2022.  

City Project Manager Contact Information:  
Justin Pellerin, P.E.  DPW Stormwater Project Engineer 
Phone: 207-874-8828

Portland Water District Project Manager Contact Information: 
William Pierce, P.E. PWD Project Engineer 
Phone: 207-774-5961

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