My child loves skating. Do you offer birthday party packages?

We have two birthday party options. The first would be to hold your birthday and party during a public skate session – weekend public skating is the most popular. We have party rooms available for a cost of $50 and in addition you pay regular costs for each skater. Your party room would be available to you from a half hour before until a half hour after the session and you are able to decorate, bring birthday food, and use the room for gift opening. A second option would be to rent the ice, when available, by the hour. The ice would then be open to only your group, rental skates are included in the cost, and a party room assigned. Call the ice arena at 207-774-8553 for pricing. Birthday parties are very popular and time fills fast – call quickly to book your time.

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15. My child loves skating. Do you offer birthday party packages?
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